Rapid Car Removals is among the provider of cash for unwanted trucks companies in New Zealand. On all kinds of trucks of age and condition, our cash for truck offers a valuable price in cash. We have a reputation for integrity and reliability and are among the largest buyers in New Zealand for wrecked, battered, crushed, broken, vintage, scrap, and used vehicles. Our removals from trucks are hassle-free and can schedule at any time of the day or night. Call Rapid Car Removals if you want a free removal truck that puts cash in your wallet. 

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Rapid Car Removals is your buyer of trucks who takes your vehicle quickly and conveniently from your hands and pays instant cash for unwanted trucks. We are a thoroughly licensed and insured truck buyer in New Zealand and one that ensures the reliability of your vehicle, not underestimates. 

Although we know that all vehicle owners will not accept our bid, we do our damnedest to ensure that we make equal deals. Our system is also fast and simple, providing truck owners with the options to receive a cash offer for trucks through the phone.

Unwanted Truck Removals for Cash:

The fastest way in town to get rid of your unwanted truck without giving it away is through our unwanted truck removals. In reality, our truck cash deals are always better than you get from a third-party auction or trade-in value. They are comfortable as well, we carry the papers and the cash, and your car sells within a few minutes of our arrival, and the cash settlement amount is yours. We promise that the price won’t make deals go down.

Our Cash For Truck Process:

Our process of cash for trucks is quick, and a no bother process is a perfect solution if you don’t have the time to sell your truck or don’t want to deal with the carriage and scrapping of the vehicle. We will then arrange a convenient date and time for you to pick up the truck if you decide the price is right or you want Rapid Car Removals to come and remove your unwanted truck. 

We can schedule truck removals at any time of day or night due to our large fleet of custom vehicles. Get your vehicle title and keys ready when we arrive, and we’ll exchange the cash for your truck. It’s that quick, and the best part is that you don’t need to.

How Can We Dispose of Your Unwanted Truck?

You don’t have the issue of dangerous disposal if Rapid Car Removals removes your vehicle from your house. As well as specialist dismantlers who break down the vehicle to recycle, reuse or sell its pieces, we have a network of scrap yards, which is why we are willing to give you top dollar for its removal. 

Why Rapid Car Removal for Cash For Truck?

We recognize all types of brands and models of trucks of any age and condition at Rapid Car Removals, including:

Wrecked Truck Removal

Damaged Truck Removal

Accident Truck Removal

Scrap Truck Removal

Used Truck Removal

The friendly, experienced team at Rapid Car Removal is ready to take them off your hands in no time if you’ve finally decided to sell those rusty, broken-down, or wrecked trucks. Any make or model of old trucks we buy. You will expect the best cash for truck prices in New Zealand with Rapid Car Removal. We work with the mantra of being honest, reliable, and fair every day, and so we provide precise truck evaluations that ensure that you can get the high cash offer you deserve. In a truck, even if it’s no longer roadworthy, there are many useful parts.


We offer best competitive prices.


We offer towing service facility on the same day.


No matter what is the condition of car or model or year? We offer our services to everyone.

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