When it comes to selling your car for cash, we are NZ’s No. 1 option. In all cases, we buy cars. With the Cash for Cars service, let us help you.

Looking to sell your old scrap or car that is no longer running? The used car removalist and wrecking specialists for the greater NZ region are Rapid Car Removals. Full cash payments for used vehicles and free car removal are provided through Rapid Car Removals throughout New Zealand.

If you have an old or defective vehicle that takes an unwelcome place in your home or backyards, it’s a good time to call us; in the car wrecking automotive industry, we are the number one brand in New Zealand.

We also buy and wreck old cars of different brands and models and provide you with the best cash payments. Contact Rapid Car Removals for a simple quote and immediate prices if you cannot sell your car or keep an old car going.

Why sell your car with Rapid Car Removals?

·         Selling your car to us is so easy, hassle-free car removal.

·         We pay the best cash for cars, vans, 4X4’s, utes, and trucks.

·         Free removal of cars anywhere in the Auckland & Northland district.

·         Fast removal of cars from your property.

·         Get free cash for a quote on vehicles.

Would you like to remove old, junk, and disabled vehicles from your parking garage?

Have you ever thought of selling old cars at high cash rates? Yeah, you can say it confidently, because instead of old vehicles, we are available to provide you with the highest cash.

If you have built up a sense of selling or removing used, abused, scrapped cars, we still understand that. Instead, we are ready to represent you better than the best car buyers in New Zealand. We are usually committed to delivering such things as:

·         We never worry about the make, design, model of vehicle,

·         All types of vehicles are bought, whether registered or not.

·         For Damaged Vehicles, we have Top Money.

·         We obtain only car ownership documents.

·         We have the best deals for accepting.

·         In the market, we analyze offers and deals available.

·         We also have a cost-free quote for junk vehicles.

·         All kinds of vehicles are provided, such as Maruti, Mazda, Hyundai, Mercedes, Triton, etc.

Why do we make the Highest Payments instead of Unwanted Cars?

Since we use these discarded cars to reuse and resell their used parts, the full amount of money is paid to the old car owners. We crush it into scrap metal and take the repairable spare parts out of it. We market these replacement car components to other car parts buyers and sell the rest of the scrap metals to the car sector.

How to get top cash for cars in New Zealand?

Viewing the Vehicle:

We provide professional and affordable service for car/van/ute/4WD/SUV removal. We will make time to visit you to see the vehicle if you can’t come to us or don’t want to. When we purchase it, we can also organize a free collection of your car.

Get an Instant Price:

We’ll give you an approximate price on-the-spot. When we see your vehicle at your place, the price will be verified.

Getting Paid:

We will pay you directly when the vehicle is collected, by cash, cheque, or direct credit. We do all the paperwork and documentation. It is easy to work with us, quick, and it saves money.

We carefully extract all harmful chemicals from the cars at Rapid Car Removals; we dispose of them according to the government’s regulations and recommendations.


We offer best competitive prices.


We offer towing service facility on the same day.


No matter what is the condition of car or model or year? We offer our services to everyone.

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