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If you are looking for reliable care services, then you are in the right place. Rapid Car Removals is the best car removal company in New Zealand that pays cash for cars. We’re the car buyer that vehicle owners will turn to for their car to sell quickly and conveniently. We buy a vehicle and pay cash for any brand, any model, age, and condition. Rapid Car Removals is a completely licensed and insured auto buyer that offers no trouble, no-hassle selling their vehicle to owners. We supply all locations in New Zealand with 24/7 Car & Truck Removal services. 

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Why Choose Us

Rapid Car Removals provides cash for your unwanted scrap cars. However, in New Zealand, by calling our team free of charge on 0800-764-385, you can get free cash for the quote for scrap vehicles. We will then make plans to meet and look at your car after you have got your free quote. At your convenience, this will be. We may spot information that will alter our original quoted offer when we come over to look at your car in person.

Expert Engineers

We have a team of expert engineers who will perform our services at the highest level of expertise and ease, freeing you from stress during the entire process. Our auto appraisal team is an expert in providing our customers with the best price for cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, Utes, 4x4s, Jeeps, buses & motorcycles. And, they quickly have the quote!

Experience Skills​

In providing transport services to car owners, Rapid Car Removals has specialist skills. Rapid car removals is not the only area of our employment, and we can do it. Rapid Car Removals provides scrap removal services if you have a vehicle that takes up space or needs it removed for some other purpose. Rapid Car Removals has some of the most skilled, accomplished, committed, dedicated Scrap Car Buyers.

Low Cost

Paying all our customers instant cash for cars is an essential part of our mission. No additional costs, such as the expense of removal, may compromise the top cash. If you have to hire a tow truck to get your old vehicle to our car scrap yard, some of the money we're paying you will cancel. That's something we're not able to allow.

Guarantee Services​

We are not just your car buyer who wants to buy your car, and we want to guarantee you the services that helped create our brand. We want to guarantee you a free pick up for vehicles in our local area. For us, the removal of your car is part of selling your vehicle to us. We are a team who will provide our best deal for their vehicles to any seller of any sort and condition of car or truck and guarantee our outstanding services ranging from removals to scrapping.

Trusted Work

Rapid Car Removal has been the leading and trusted car removal company in New Zealand for over 25 years, which removes the car and pays cash for vehicles. We take care of the pickup, and there are no fees or hidden costs to get rid of your vehicle. You can trust our team to make the removal of junk cars fast, effective, and fair.

High Quality​

With us, without payment, you have the courtesy of our services. Services that you'd be paid for by other locations, making you spend money to get rid of your car. As a car buyer, you should expect to get high-quality service effectively if you prefer. In terms of resources, we have such excellence that our clients are 100% happy.




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